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YL-130 Low Profile 3 Ton Low Car Hoist Semi Portable Suitable for Workshop Garage with Low Ceiling Height

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All Our Car Hoists Come With 3 Year warranty

This Hoist Comes With Full Automatic Locking Mechanism & Is suitable For Areas With Low Ceiling Height

This Hoist Is Semi portable (Can Be Unbolted from Concrete and Removed for Storage) Has Double Extension Arms & Is Rated At 3000kg, It Is Suitable for Car Ports or Garages with Low Ceiling Height, Small Frame Size For Easy Storage.

Column Height is 2010mm


Heavy duty two post car lift is with 4.5mm thick posts, heavy-duty inside carriage and 2 arm extension arm design. This High-Lift hoist comes with twin Hydraulic Rams.


  • Suitable For Garages or workshops with low ceiling height
  • Extra Thick 4.5mm Posts
  • Comes with double hydraulic rams.
  • Columns Are Easily removed & Come With Wheels
  • Dual cylinder lifting system, more stable and faster.
  • Locking Mechanism, Rod Insert Safe & Reliable
  • Wear-resistant, heat-resistant and high strength macro molecular polyethylene slide blocks
  • Pass 120% capacity dynamic load test and 150% capacity static load test.
  • Aussie Car Hoists Are Manufactured & Designed To Aust Standards EN1493-2010, BS EN
  • Aussie Car Hoists Are Work Safe Approved- Work safe Approval Number- V122428
  • Adjustable high quality screw type lift pads
  • Also Comes With Bonus Pad Height Extenders


  • Hydraulic fluid required for hoist is standard AW32 grade
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Comes with 240v Single Phase pump With Low Current Draw Of 8 amps
  • Lifting capacity : 3000kg
  • Overall height : 2010mm
  • Column Height 2010mm
  • Clearance between posts : Unlimited
  • Arm Reach Min 860mm
  • Arm reach Max 1230mm
  • Lift minimum stand height : 100mm
  • Maximum lifting height : 1200mm
  • Lifting time : less than or equal to 30 sec
  • Oil tank capacity : 10L
  • Column Weight 145kg
  • Shipping Weight 435kg
  • Hydraulic fluid required for hoist is standard AW32 grade
  • Elevating system : Twin Rams
  • Minimum concrete thickness is 5inches
  • Must be minimum of 6inches away from edge of concrete


* Item is subject to minor modification on appearance and specifications, for improvement of product, without prior notice.  Please check before order.

WHY BUY FROM US – Aussie Car Hoists have been in business since 2003 and we stand behind the quality of our hoists.

We not only offer quality for your dollar, but most importantly back up our products with technical and after sales support which is only an email or phone call away. 


  • 2080mm x 670mm x 490mm (H)
  • Total gross weight = 435kg


Additional information

Weight 440 kg
Dimensions 208 × 67 × 49 cm


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