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4.5 Ton Clear Floor Car Hoist Single Point Release YL-340 High Lift

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All Our Car Hoists Come With 3 Year warranty

We Only Sell Brand Name Hoists, If you are buying a hoist there are 2 main factors to look for

  1. Make sure your hoists name is that of the manufacturer eg if you are buying a Bendpak hoist then it is made buy Bendpak, A PowerRex is made by PowerRex, a Molner Hoist is Made by Molner etc etc, the reason that this is important is that if you ever need parts then parts are easily obtainable, there are to many re-branded hoists on the market our Hoists are called High-Lift and are manufactured by Highlift
  2. The easiest way to tell the quality of a hoist is by the weight of a hoist eg our 5 Tonne 2 post hoists weigh over 900kg there are many 2 post hoists on the market that weight 500kg or less so with less steel used in the manufacturing of the hoist they are cheaper to make but are more prone to flexing.

This Clear Floor Car Hoist Has Dual-Folding Arms & Is Rated At 4500kg

Comes With Single Point Release

Heavy duty two post car lift comes with extra thick posts, heavy duty inside carriage and dual extension arms. This Aussie Car Hoist comes with twin Hydraulic+chain drive system, single lock release system, comes with heavy duty 8mm steel cable.


  • 2 Stage Extension Arms
  • Comes with double hydraulic rams with 8mm control equalization cables for double the safety.
  • Dual-cylinder lifting system, more stable and faster. Cable-equalization system.
  • Chain-driven system, faster lifting speed.
  • Single lock release system, safe and reliable.
  • Wear-resistant, heat-resistant and high strength macro molecular polyethylene slide blocks
  • Pass 120% capacity dynamic load test and 150% capacity static load test.
  • Aussie Car Hoists Are Manufactured & Designed To Australian Standards EN1493-2010, BS EN
  • Aussie Car Hoists Are Work Safe Approved- Work safe Approval Number- V122428
  • Adjustable high quality screw type lift pads
  • Also Comes With Bonus Pad Height Extenders
  • Also comes with concrete anchors for installation of hoist.
  • Wider Width Between Posts To Allow You To Access Car Easier
  • Driven by double hydraulic cylinders
  • Chain type elevating system.
  • With the stabilization system of high grade steel wire cable, it ascends and descends smoothly .
  • Single side manual safety lock release system.
  • Powder coated finish.
  • Adjustable high quality screw type lift pads


  • Power : 240V
  • Available In Both 3 Phase & Single Phase Will come Standard With Single Phase Pump Unless Otherwise Stating You Want 3 Phase
  • Lifting capacity : 4500kg
  • Maximum lifting height : 1800mm
  • Minimum pad height : 100mm
  • Clearance between posts : 2900mm
  • Drive through clearance : 2610mm
  • Overall height : 3880mm
  • Overall width : 3437mm
  • Long arm maximum length : 1200mm
  • Long arm minimum length : 760mm
  • Short arm maximum length : 1050mm
  • Short arm minimum length : 710mm
  • Lifting time : less than or equal to 60 sec
  • Oil tank capacity : 10L
  • Lock : Manual single
  • Elevating system : Chain type
  • Minimum concrete thickness is 5 inches, if you don’t have this you will need to add a large plate under uprights.
  • Must be minimum of 6 inches away from edge of concrete

* item is subject to minor modification on appearance and specifications, for improvement of product, without prior notice.  Please check before order.

WHY BUY FROM US – Aussie Car Hoists have been in business since 2003 and we stand behind the quality of our hoists.

We not only offer quality for your dollar, but most importantly back up our products with technical and after sales support which is only an email away. 


  • 1. 2850mm x 670mm x 490mm (H) , 820kg
  • 2. 760mm x 260mm x 340mm (H) , 21 kg
  • Total gross weight = 850kg


Time Lapse Installation Video

Additional information

Weight 650 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 320 cm


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