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Combination Diesel Air + Electric Water Heater For Caravan + Motor Homes

$1,800.00 inc gst





Comes With All Attachments/Fittings Inc Exhaust Outlet etc Unlike Others On The Market

The diesel combination heater is a warm-air heater with an integrated hot water tank. We designed this diesel combination air/water heater for installation in motor homes andexternal temperature sensor usage caravans. This diesel combination diesel hot water/ air heater also has an in-built 240v element to allow it to operate from 240v power supply when your motor home or caravan is plugged into a 240v supply.


The diesel combi heater is a warm-air heater with an integrated hot water boiler. This unit was designed for installation in motorhomes, boats, and caravans.

Working Principle

This heater is a combination of hot water and warm air, which can provide hot water while heating the compartment. It can be used while driving. This heater will also run off 240v power when available.

There are 2 working mode to select during working (hot water and warm air working mode and hot water working mode)
In hot water and warm air mode, the heater can be used to heat both the room and the hot water. If hot water is needed only, pls choose the hot water working mode.
Attention: when the ambient temperature is below 3℃, please empty the water tank to avoid the water freezing in the tank.

Technical Specifications :

There are three energy options:
Diesel mode
The heater automatically adjusts the power.
Electrical mode
Select the 900W or 1800W heating mode manually according to the power supply capacity of the motor home camp.
Mixed mode
When the power demand is low (for example, at the stage of maintaining room temperature), the electrical mode is preferred. The diesel mode will not be started until the electrical mode can not satisfy the demands, and the diesel mode function shall be turned off first in the power adjustment stage. In the hot water operation mode, the diesel mode or the electrical mode is used to heat the water tank. The temperature of the water tank can be set to 40℃ or 60℃。
Diesel power
The heater works with the lowest power. Stop heating as soon as the set temperature is reached.
Electrical power
Select the 900W or 1800W heating mode manually according to the power supply capacity of the motor home camp.
Plateau Bluetooth Controller

● Monitor working status.

● Check exact temperature.

● HD display panel.

● Error code check automatically.

Technical sheet
Similar to
Truma D 4 E
Rated Voltage
Operating Voltage Range
Short-term Maximum Power Consumption
Average Power Consumption
Fuel type
4kw Diesel
Fuel Heat Power
Fuel Consumption
160/320/480 g/H
Quiescent current
Warm Air Delivery Volume m³/H
Water Tank Capacity
Maximum Pressure of Water Pump
Maximum Pressure of System
Rated Electric Supply Voltage
220V ± 15%
Electrical Heating Power
Electrical Power Dissipation
Working (Environment) Temperature
Working Altitude
LCD or Bluetooth App
Combi heater weight / size
510×450×300mm/15.6kg(Without water)
Package size / weight
heater box:600*485*400mm/21.8kg
parts box:600*485*260mm/5kg
Different sides of the JP Combi Heater Caravan Diesel Heater
Customer Install Photos
Enjoy Your Life With Our Combi Air and Hot Water Heater


Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 45 cm


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