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18Litre Combination Diesel Electric Hot water Unit For Rv Caravan Or Off Grid

$2,000.00 inc gst





Belief water heater Caravan 18L Diesel & Electric is a water heater specially designed to provide hot water for the caravan with superstore water tank, and it also provide hot water for bathing for touring cars, Caravan motor home,  and other outdoor cabins. If users want to install it in other place, Users need to judge if they meet the safety standards of the corresponding industry.

Belief brand has been focusing on heating products and stoves for small cars, boats and caravan motor homes for 25 years, it provides high quality items as famous as Webasto, Eberspacher and Truma.

Its main products range from air parking heater, water parking heater, diesel combi heater, diesel stove air heater, diesel stoves and caravan water heater.


Belief water heater Caravan 18L Diesel & Electric is a superstore water heater in function, it is 2023 new launched products with many advantages compared with the traditional single function heater.

  • Super quiet
  • Constant temperature and comfortable
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Smart plateau mode
  • Automatic pressure release when over pressure and temperature
  • Easy to install
  • Electric & Diesel and hybrid function
  • LCD touch switch, Bluetooth upgrade

Plateau mode for the Caravan water heater

NEW Caravan water heater 2023 (Diesel and electric type) is  smart plateau mode, it will automatically switch to plateau mode when driving on High Altitude Area (≤5000m) with the help of the sensor inside the heater. No need to make any manual adjustments on the control panel as before.

Technical Specifications :


2 year

Brand Name


Car Fitment


Rated voltage


Maximum working current


Average working current


Fuel Type


Fuel power


Fuel consumption

190-460 ml / h

Water capacity

18 Liters

Rated water pressure:


Maximum flow of water pump

34 ± 15% L/min

Working environment temperature


Working altitude


Water temperature of safety valve

94°C- 99°C

Water pressure of safety valve

0.5 ± 0.05Mpa

The host weight

16KG electric heating

Carton size

42*42*52(volum weight: 19kgs)


  • The equipment can only be operated with the standard control panel and accessories.
  • The Caravan water heater host must be installed and used horizontally.
  • It is prohibited to use the equipment in a closed or poorly ventilated space. If the equipment is in a closed or poorly ventilated space, it is necessary to turn off the equipment at this time, otherwise there is a danger of exhaust gas poisoning.
  • Do not park the vehicle in a place with weeds or waste paper, because the exhaust pipe of the vehicle and the exhaust pipe of the equipment may ignite weeds or waste paper.
  • Thermal sensitive objects (such as spray cans) or flammable materials and liquids cannot be stored in the installation compartment of the equipment, because in some cases, the area may be affected by high temperature.
  • The vicinity of the exhaust pipe shall be kept away from inflammable, and it is not allowed to block the outlet of the exhaust pipe.
  • Keep the exhaust pipe and combustion air inlet free from pollution (snow, ice, leaves, etc.) at all times.


Only one heater for both vehicle heating and hot water supply

  • All-purpose: People can operate it with diesel mode, electricity mode, or in hybrid mode;
  • Convenience: Automatic temperature control can be realized in conjunction with A/C;
  • High efficiency: self-sufficiency and low energy consumption;

The scope of application The integrated heater has high power and high heat efficiency.
It is suitable for the supply of hot water and warm air for self-propelled motor homes and trailer motor homes.

Click Above For User Manual

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 45 cm


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