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YL-9FW Twin Parking Storage Hoist 4 Ton Twin Storage Car Hoist Extra High Lift 220cm

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All Our Car Hoists Come With 3 Year warranty

Extra High 4 Post Lift

  • Double your parking space.
  • Extra High Lift Of 2200mm
  • Perfect for storing vehicles.
  • Electrical Control system
  • Removable Ramps
  • Safety
  • Mechanically locks each interval.
  • Anti-surge valve
  • Cable slack locks
  • Warranty
  • 5 years (structure) + 1 year (electrical and hydraulics)
  • Options
  • Oil trays (7 oil trays cover the entire length of one set of runaways, so 14 will cover both), Caster Wheel Kit, Infill kit, Jacking Tray, Rolling Jacks
  1. Capacity                                                      4000kg (total)
  2. L x W x H                                                    4445 x 5058 x 2476mm
  3. Power                                                          240v (15amp plug)
  4. Lifting Time                                                 50s
  5. Overall Length                                           5277.5mm
  6. Inside Width Between Columns       4836mm
  7. Lifting Height                                           2200mm
  8. Clearance Under Runways                  2000mm
  9. Overall Width                                           5058mm
  10. Overall Length (incl. ramps)             5277.5mm
  11. Overall Length (excl. ramps)            4306mm
  12. Platform Width                                        475mm
  13. Width Between Platforms                   958mm
  14. Platform Length                                      4200mm
  15. Drive Through Clearance                    4397mm

Carton Dimensions:

  1.  package 1 size    4280 x 570 x 720
  2. Package 2 size     4630 x 570 x 510

Total Weight 1960kgs

Additional information

Weight 1960 kg
Dimensions 550 × 110 × 120 cm


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