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Diesel Slideout Cooktop Kitchen For Camper Trailer Caravan Or RV


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Belief 12v electric diesel stove cooker combi boiler for caravan similar to Wallas Cooktop heater for boat motorhome

Just like cooking at home!
Just press the button to start the cooker! It could not be easier.

The cooker has controllable power, which you can easily adjust from the control panel. The ceramic glass top is easy to clean, and the operation is quiet.

A unique solution to transform your stove into a camper heater!
This Diesel Cooker is a perfect heating and cooking system for small campers!
Diesel is available almost everywhere.
No need to calculate if you have enough gas or not.
Makes life much easier, as you don’t need to find various connectors for foreign gas bottles.

Diesel Camper Stove and Air Space Heating Combi 12v diesel Cooker In The Motorhome similar to Wallas Cooktop Travel cooker

Diesel burning stove RV is a special fuel stove with cooking function for RV, it take the diesel as fuel, which is more stable compared with the gas, and it is more efficient and safe during driving. The fuel stove can also be used for outdoor cooking such as boats, motorhome etc, it is easy to carry. The diesel burning stove is a diesel cooker that burns with an open flame. This fuel stove is not allowed to be used while driving. It can cook and heat various foods by adjusting the heating power through the control switch.


The diesel burning stove is a diesel cooker that burns with an open flame. This fuel stove is not allowed to be used while driving.

  • High efficiency
  • More safe and stable, easy to operate
  • Easy to carry, pull-out design
  • Smart plateau mode

Pull-out stove installation

  • The Diesel burning stove should be installed horizontally, and the inclination angle should not exceed 5° from the vertical level. If the oil stove is running at an excessive angle (up to several hours), the equipment may not be damaged, but it will affect the combustion effect and the burner will not achieve optimal efficiency.
  • Pull out the pull-out range to expose 12 screw fixing holes (Figure 3). All fixing bolts should be installed to ensure that the pull-out range bracket is firmly fixed to the car body.
  • It should be ensured that there are no unreliable factors such as sundries that may cause the control switch to be touched by mistake and lead to heating when the machine is turned on.

Technical Specifications :

Rated voltage


Short-term maximum power consumption


Average power consumption


Heating power

1~4.5 KW

Fuel type


Fuel Consumption


Working temperature


Working altitude


Stove weight





  • User must not use the diesel burning stove while driving.
  • Heat-sensitive objects (such as spray cans) or flammable materials/liquids should not be stored in the same compartment. In some cases the area may be subject to high temperatures.
  • Keep the combustion air inlet free from contamination (slush, ice, leaves, etc.) at all times.
  • The owner is responsible for operating the equipment correctly.
  • The fuel system must comply with the national technical and administrative regulations. Users must abide by the national legislation and regulations.
  • It is necessary to regularly check the installation firmness of the pull-out stove, whether the wires and oil pipes are in good condition, especially at the end of a long-distance trip.
  • When cleaning the vehicle, Users do not spray water directly into the pull-out stove.
  • Don’t put cover on the top of the pull-out stove, it may easily cause fire.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 80 cm


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